My favorite morning tea

or is it an elixir?  Not really sure.  But turmeric really helps with inflammation, which means things like repetitive stress or other aches and pains become less nagging after drinking a cup.  Ginger is good for your stomach as well.  Cayenne pepper helps with allergies.  The combination of turmeric and pepper is touted to have anti-cancer properties (even moreso if you drink with a fat, such as chicken).  I drink this tea every morning, sometimes in the evenings too.  It might be difficult to find turmeric root, but it’s getting to be less so; Whole Foods often carries it, and the organic markets in my neighborhood carry it often.


  • Turmeric root, 1″, grated
  • Ginger root, 1″, grated
  • Cayenne pepper, to taste
  • Lime or lemon, slice or 1 tsp

Combine first three ingredients in teapot.  Add 2-3 cups boiling water.  Steep 5-10 minutes.  Pour 1 cup of tea, add lime or lemon.

Rid the World of Bad Bosses

I might be a year too late to the party, but it was probably because I was too depressed and anxiety-ridden from dealing with my own bad boss to bother looking.  October 16 is National Boss’s Day.  Last year saw this campaign to Rid the World of Bad Bosses.  Obviously we haven’t accomplished much, as my own bad boss continues to sit in his big corner office, buoyed by management who is more interested in “protecting their own” than accomplishing work.  But it won’t stop me from trying.

Frighteningly three out of every four people report their boss is the most stressful part of their job. I believe it’s time to put a stop to bad bosses and I’m hoping you’ll agree.

It’s not okay for bad bosses to ruin our careers, damage our health and destroy our relationships. It’s not okay for bad bosses to be an acceptable part of doing business. It’s not okay for organizations to turn a blind eye because they don’t know what to do about bad bosses.

Are you a bad boss?  Here are 31 Telltale Signs You are a Horrible Boss, but keep in mind that you only need 1 or 2 to qualify for the position.  (If you’re into keeping score, my boss has at least 29 of them.)

Dancing Thoughts

or, What it’s like to be a sensitive person, thoughts dancing around in an insensitive world.

I’ve changed the name of this blog a few times now, but always come back to my original blog title – Dancing Thoughts.  Even before I learned how to dance, the title made perfect sense.  My thoughts are always dancing, moving…ideas switching from one thought to another.  One day it’s about a lifetime of work for an abusive, bullying boss; the next day it’s about dealing with panic attacks and anxiety; then it becomes trying to appear normal enough while doing things like teaching dance classes or singing in public while inside feeling microscopic; and then it morphs into micromanaging aspects of life, such as food, to try to regain the control you’ve lost due to a lifetime of bullying and abuse.

So after much thought, it will stay “Dancing Thoughts” and will get subtitles from time to time.  “Eat Clean in a Dirty World” might be one.  “Surviving a Bullying Boss” might happen if I ever figure it out.  “Cat: Friend or Foe” is definitely in the works, and Foe looks most likely at this point.  But for now we’ll start here and see where we go.

I love this idea because it means we can go anywhere.  The world is our oyster.